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Archbishop Dr Costakis Evangelou MBE

A wonderful man who for over 30 years has dedicated his life to the service of others.


As a minister, a community leader and a humanitarian, he has worked tirelessly to bring help to others, especially to those who are vulnerable and in need. His outstanding work spans across all cultures, backgrounds and faiths affecting every level of society and he has been honoured with numerous awards both locally and nationally.

He is the founder and overseeing minister of the Apostolic Christian Church Sheepfold, a thriving and multicultural church in Edmonton. Under his leadership, this close knit church has become an outstanding example of the tremendous contribution a church can make to a community. 


He is also the President and founder of the Ixthus Church Council and within this role he has been able to carry out his humanitarian missions to Africa. He has helped to fund and build a medical clinic in the remote village in Eastern Ghana that serves an isolated community which didn’t have any care provisions.


In 2004, Archbishop Evangelou MBE set up Community Heart London, a registered charity to help and support the local community, especially the young, vulnerable and homeless giving them access to far reaching support. As President, he oversees the following projects, Edmonton Eagles Amateur Boxing club, Running With The Vision Youth Football, Youth Zone Youth Club and Signpost (a project dedicated to supporting the homeless and those in need).


As Head Coach of the Edmonton Eagles ABC, he has driven the club forward in developing young people and in tackling gang and knife crime. In 2015, The Edmonton Eagles ABC was recognised for its work when it received the prestigious Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.


On Tuesday 19th March 2019, Archbishop Evangelou was honoured with an MBE for his many faithful years of outstanding work and service to young people in North London. Archbishop Evangelou MBE said it was an incredible honour to receive his MBE from Prince William, Duke of Cambridge at Buckingham Palace and to be recognised in this wonderful way.

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