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The Rules


  • The show is open to ages 11-25 years of age

  • Participants may perform in only ONE group or solo act.

  • Acts must be family-friendly no profanity, sexual references, nudity or violence.

  • They must also be safe, we forbid acts that involve fire or in which the performers risk injury.

  • No alcohol, tobacco, or drug advertisements are to be shown on any clothing.

  • No pyrotechnics, open flames or any other dangerous additions.

  • Acts are responsible for their own music, props and costumes

  • A sound technician will be available

  • All acts will need to bring their music on the day of auditions

  • Any act singing will need to bring an instrumental copy of their song. (this means only the music and not the lyrics)

  • We reserve the right to cancel or restrict a particular performance, even if the performance does not violate a rule

  • You must be available for the rehearsal

  •  Your personal belongings are your responsibility


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